At Jeff's Detailing, we take pride in our work. We treat your automobile or truck as if it was one of our own. Read what some of our customers had to say.

Amazing detail job on my husband's car! Jeff was always readily available to answer all my questions. My husband and I are very satisfied with the result of the cleaning; as the car was filthy due to years of use. I will definitely use them again in the future. Thank you Jeff and your staff!
– Cynthia G, Rego Park, NY

Just got my car detailed here and it was amazing! My car was originally super dirty with stains on the seats and everything but not the car is super clean and they were super nice, affordable and helpful! I will defiantly be coming back in the future to get my car cleaned here!
– Elana S, Manhattan, NY

Exceptional service and reliable recommendations! Would love to come back again and the best around the neighborhood! Cant ask for better than this
– Steven Q, Manhattan, NY

Jeff and his crew are amazing. Needed major work done to it after car was flooded. Now my car looks brand new again! He even went out of his way to drop me off until my car was ready. Couldn't Be Happier…Highly Recommended!
– Joseph M, New York, NY

This guy Jeff is an amazing person. I was skeptic at first to purchase because it was a groupon deal. When I called, Jeff answered and scheduled me in for a drop off service for my full detail. Jeff was so accommodating, he even dropped me off at the train station and picked me up the next day when my car was done. When I picked up my car, I couldn't tell how good/bad of a job they did since it was nighttime. The next few days as I was examining the car it was in a better condition then when I first purchased it. Thanks Jeff for the awesome detailing job.
– Alan S, Brooklyn

Super friendly and excellent customer service are just to start. And that was before they even touched my car! They did a such a great job on my baby, my car, that I seriously almost didn't recognize her at first glance. Jeff is a great guy, and his character shows in his work and employees. I highly recommend and will utilize their services again.
– Yvette E, Elmhurst

Amazing is the first thing that has to be said. Jeff and his crew take pride in the that they do and it shows. My car looked better than when I got it from the dealership. His price was more than fair. Treat yourself and your car, you will not be disappointed.
– Paul D, New York, NY

After 10 years of owning my car, I finally bit the bullet and got it detailed. I am so happy I did. My car looks amazing after years and years of DIRT, Dog hair, and trash build up. Would recommend.
– Lauren B, Brooklyn

If you need your car detailed this is the place to go, great prices and great service. Jeff is accommodating and even stayed past closing time to finish my vehicle. He called twice to let me know the progress of my car and it looked brand new when I picked it up.
– Ramses B, Valley Stream

I recently had my 2010 vw detailed by Jeff and his crew. I must say I was skeptical at first ,because his shop wasn't as extravagant as others but I took a chance and I must say it was worth it. His work really shows how much he cares. My car was cleaner then the first day I got it. These other shops can't compare to the quality of work especially when other shops would charge an arm and leg to do what Jeff does. So if your looking to get your car professionally detailed please stop by his shop you won't be disappointed.
– Spencer W, Cambria Heights

Honda Civic ex coupe which originally was purchased down in Texas and had a lot of dust and oxidation damage on the black paint. The car itself was maintained rather well but needed a thorough cleaning inside and out. A paint correction was done to bring out and even its natural paint color and the car has never looked better. It looked brand new when I went to pick it up the other day and the interior was spotless which jus added more appeal than the car had already. It's an old car but it runs well and now looks equally the same. I'm very satisfied with the job they did and I will definitely be recommending their service to others. This will be my go to spot with any future vehicle that needs a professional job that doesn't disappoint. If your car needs a detail where every detail is covered this is your place.
– Carlos U, Jamaica

I needed to find a hand carwash spot to go take my Mini car and happened to be find this spot on yelp . Found this spot and decided to check them out. My car was nicely done . It had a nice clean shine and vacuum inside was done right. The owner Jeff was very pleasant and helpful. The pricing was reasonable and economical . Not bad! Will definitely be trying out their full detail car wash next time around.
– Diana A, South Ozone Park

I wanted to get my car detailed because it's kind of old and was looking a bit shabby. I dropped of a 1992 Mercedes Benz and was amazed at the car I picked up. Jeff's staff is very cordial and very efficient. When I picked up my car they had restored it to its original showroom look. The car looked fantastic and I will truly be bringing it back to keep it looking good. I recommend Jeff's to anyone who cares about keeping their car looking good.
– William M, Boerum Hill

Great service and very friendly staff. Jeff and his crew are great and provide excellent service. I have a light tan interior, and tan gets dirty. His crew made my seats look brand new again. Before the cleaning the driver's seat was much darker. Amazing job and will be back for more. Highly recommended and has great pricing too.
– Will C, Malba

Just picked up my Audi Q7 and it looks like I just picked it up from Audi all over again. My baby's back to showroom finish. Dropped it off in the Morning and got it back at noon which is great for a complete detail. Surface is smooth and crazy shiny again and the seats look new again. Even the cargo mat is shiny!!! Will definitely be back again and recommend them to everyone.
– Edgar R, Jamaica

Jeff and his staff are amazing. I bought a 12 year old Saab and took it to Jeff's for some detailing. When he finished it look like it just rolled out of the showroom. The oxidized paint was restored and the inside was cleaned spotless. I have used other detailers in the past and no one comes close to the service that Jeff and his staff provide. I am a customer for life. Can't wait to see what he does to my wife and sons car.
– David B, Bayside

I bought a groupon. I was like eh maybe they will do a half job. But, they did a smashing job, fixed the scratches, buffed the car, detailed the inside, and even put my frames on my license plates. I would go back again.
– Fighter B, Manhattan

Jeff and his guys are top notch. I got caught in ridiculous traffic and Jeff stayed until 7 to wait for me until I got there. They got my 5 year old car looking as good as new. Definitely go to Jeff if you are looking for a superb detail job.
– Eddi Jr Z, Alphabet City

I was so impressed with how clean and shiny my car looked after it was detailed by Jeff and his staff. However, I was more impressed with the customer service. Jeff and his staff was so polite and warm, I immediately felt at home. They were hardworking and efficient and I was more than happy when I saw the results. I also noticed how beautiful the other cars were done as well. I live in Brooklyn and the center was conveniently located. The price was fair and convenient to my purse also.  I will recommend them to anyone and will definitely return.
– Rakell M, Brooklyn

Came here to get a full service car detailing done, decided to hang out and watch them work on the car, top notch quality work, Jeff was here watching and making sure everything is done correctly and everything went by quick and smooth, car looked like I just got it out of a showroom inside and out!
– Tim B, Brooklyn

I am one of Jeff’s very loyal customers. I met him at his previous location and loved his work. When he completes a detail, the vehicle looks showroom new. I followed him to Jeff’s and will never leave him.
– Tony G, Howard Beach

When I met Jeff at Grand Slam, I was a little skeptical of how my BMW would look. He finished the job and delivered the car on time. I was amazed.
– Stevie B, East New York

I was late to work one morning and I stopped short. My coffee spilled all over my new Mercedes. The first thing that came into my mind is that my husband is going to kill me. I stopped in by Jeff, he dropped me off at work and did an unbelievable job cleaning my car. When he picked me up after work and I saw the car, I was amazed. His guys are great. That next weekend, my husband asked who cleaned the car. He had a stain in the trunk that I was unaware of and he was unable to clean, but Jeff cleaned it no problem. My husband was amazed. Thanks Jeff.
– Maria, Lindenwood

Have no worries. When you drop off your vehicle to be detailed, Jeff and his crew will be up for any task at hand.